Misery Sticks


By Prsym Creations these Misery Sticks are made of the finest carbon fiber Almost unbreakable, these deceptively mild looking implements are sure to leave a mark

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black


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1. Be careful, the point can break the skin.
2. Never use on parts of the anatomy where the skin is thin and veins are close to the surface such as forearms, palm of the hand, feet etc
3. Use on fleshy parts of the body such as thighs, buttocks, biceps etc
4. Hold the woven base firmly, pull back the ‘stick’ and let go, allowing the stick to snap back across the skin, you can build up the tension on the snap back as you get used to using the stick.

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Weight .001 kg
Dimensions 13 in

Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black


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